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Wallet Reality Check!

Wallet Reality Check Time! Do You Really Know How Much You Spend? I Seriously Doubt It!

Wallet Reality Check Time! Do You Really Know How Much You Spend? I Seriously Doubt It!   This article has been in the making for quite some time due to the fact that 90% of the families that I consult with have absolutely NO idea how much money they spend each month. This is a very dangerous way to live especially if you are paying interest on credit card and other debts. If you have aspirations of getting out of debt and improving your financial situation, it is absolutely imperative that you understand your monthly spending habits. This is NOT […]
Stop overpaying for your auto and homeowners insurance

Your Insurance Agent isn't Your Friend so Don't Put His Kids Through College!

by Trevor Sines
Your Insurance Agent isn't Your Friend so Don't Put His Kids Through College!   I met with another family this week and as we were dissecting their finances and looking for ways to increase their monthly cash flow, we got on the topic of insurance. More specifically Auto and Homeowners insurance. It was actually a very disturbing to me that they felt almost ashamed to shop their insurance with a different carrier because they felt it would hurt their relationship with their existing agent. I have no idea why they felt this allegiance to their agent but for some reason they […]

Is Your Cable, Internet, & Phone Provider Raping Your Wallet?

by Trevor Sines
Is Your Cable, Internet, & Phone Provider Raping Your Wallet?   I meet with families all the time to go over their expenses to come up with creative ways to reduce their monthly spending and increase their monthly cash flow. Last night, during one of these meetings, I realized that most people have no idea that they are dramatically overpaying for their cable, internet, and phone services. They also lack the skills on how to talk to their service providers in order to get them to reduce their monthly payment for that service. My goal with this article is to teach you […]

Must have Information on Michigan FHA Home Loans

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Is Bank of America Incompetent or Just Plain EVIL...

by Trevor Sines
Bank of America: The Loan Modification Devil or Just Another Idiot Bank?   Ahhh...another "Tuesday in the Trenches" of loan modification lunacy. Today, I've further confirmed my belief that Bank of America is completely incompetent. If your mortgage is serviced by Bank of America, and your attempting to qualify for a loan modification, it is imparetive that you read on... As I'm sure you know, Bank of America is one of the largest mortgage servicers in the United States and quite possibly, the biggest bank in the World. While this accomplishment is nothing to sneeze at, it often leads me […]